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25 ft 3/16 in Brake, Fuel, Transmission Line Complete Kit - Galvanized Steel Coil (Includes Fittings)

  • Professional grade double-wall galvanized steel tube
  • Zinc-coated to provide excellent rust and corrosion proofing technology
  • Includes 16 Fittings: Steel Tube Nut 3/16 (3/8-24 I) x 10, Fitting 3/16 (7/16-24) x 2, Steel Tube Nut 3/16 (9/16-18 I) x 2, Fitting 3/16 (1/2-20) x 2
  • Bends and forms without kinking
  • USA made with lifetime warranty

**4LifetimeLines™** 25 ft 3/16 in Brake Line - Universal Size - Galvanized Steel Coil (Includes Fittings) * 0.028" Wall thickness, 3/16" OD * Galvanized, zinc-coated, copper-brazed, double-walled, steel tubing coils provide an easy to work with and long lasting brake line replacement option for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. * The zinc-coating on top of the galvanized steel provides corrosion protection and has been used standard by many OEM’s. Copper-brazing and double-wall construction make the tubing easy to bend and install. * Meets all SAE and ISO specifications.  * The tubing meets SAE J527 and all international and U.S. requirements for use in hydraulic braking systems, fuel, systems, and transmission systems. * Tubing is manufactured by wrapping copper-coated steel around itself twice for a seamless construction that provides strength and structural integrity to withstand extreme pressure. * The copper-brazing and double-wall allow the tubing to be formed and bent, without kinking, for easy routing and installation. **Galvanized steel tubing is resistant to corrosion, it is DOT approved for use in hydraulic brake systems, it bends without kinking, and is available in lengths of 25′ for 3/16” and ¼” diameters.** View Details

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