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25 ft 1/4 in PVF-Coated Steel Brake, Fuel, Transmission Line Tubing Coil (Universal Size)

  • PVF-coated for ultimate rust & corrosion protection
  • 30x more resistant to corrosion than standard steel
  • Superior bend-ability without kinking
  • Meets all SAE and ISO specifications
  • USA made with Lifetime Warranty

**4LifetimeLines™** **25 ft 1/4 in - PVF-coated  Steel Brake Line Tubing Coil (Universal Size) ** PVF-coated, copper-brazed, double-walled, steel tubing coils provide an easy to work with and long lasting brake line replacement option for professionals and do-it-yourselfers. * 0.028" wall thickness, 1/4" OD * Providing an extra layer of corrosion protection due to its poly-vinyl fluorine top coat, PVF-coated tubing has become the standard for many OEM’s. * The PVF top coat is an extremely durable ‘plastic’ that is cured onto the top of the galvanized steel. This extra layer of protection from corrosion, debris, and road surfacing solutions makes it the easy choice for harsh environments.  * Copper-brazing and double-wall construction make the tubing easy to bend and install without kinking. The tubing meets SAE J527 and all international and U.S. requirements for use in hydraulic braking systems, fuel, systems, and transmission systems. * The **PVF-coating offers 30 times the corrosion resistance of standard galvanized steel tubing**. PVF-coated lines can be found on Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes. PVF-coated tubing should be used where snow and ice on roads call for corrosive road treatments and/or salt to be used. PVF-coated tubing should also be used when the life-span of the line is critical; such as on commercial vehicles. **PVF-coated tubing is 30x more resistant to corrosion than standard steel** , it is DOT approved for use in hydraulic brake systems, it bends without kinking, and is available in lengths of 25′ for 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, and ⅜” diameters. View Details

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