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Rear PBR-AXXIS Deluxe Advanced Brake Pads -Ceramic Brake Compound 3551-1857-00

  • Standard city driving and freeway braking
  • Frequent stop and go conditions.
  • Advanced Ceramic Materials
  • Application Specific Formulas
  • Long Pad and Rotor Life

Deluxe Advanced Ceramic are general purpose disc brake pads for passenger vehicles, specifically suited for general suburban, city and freeway driving. PBR Deluxe Advanced brake pads are quieter and cleaner, and they deliver a consistent pedal feel all day long. A wide coverage of references is available to suit over 95% of all cars and light commercial vehicles on the road. Deluxe Advanced Ceramic pads are 100% shimmed to reduce brake noise. ABOUT US: George and Jack Paton, two young brothers, started PBR in 1927. Their optimism and spirit of adventure laid the cornerstone for a superior line of brake products. They were specialists who understood brake systems, and as the automotive industry evolved, they continually worked on designing and making better products. Today, PBR continues the leadership position in engineering and manufacturing industry-leading brake pads. PBR Brand Brake Pads will change the way you think about braking. No matter what you drive, or how you drive, PBR offers premium quality, reasonably priced brake pad formulations that provide the best combination of stopping power with outstanding attributes. All formulations are engineered by Friction Materials Pacific Australia (FMP Group) and manufactured at two state-of-the- art OEM manufacturing sites. PBR pads are built to OEM standards under internationally recognized standards. FMP offers a wide selection of brake friction formulations to fit various vehicle applications and driving styles. Choosing the correct friction formula for your vehicle and style of driving is critical to optimizing your brake system performance. FMP's Australian based engineering team carefully develops, tests, and approves every friction compound to ensure optimal stopping performance throughout the life of the brake pad. We know what works on American roads and highways. Our products are recognized world-wide for multiple OE and Aftermarket applications. View Details

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