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Seatbelt Adjusting Clips (4-Pack) Helpful Tool to Position The Seat Belt If Buckling Up is Otherwise Not Possible - Helps You Breathe Again Metal

  • PREVENT SEAT BELT IRRITATION - Safety seat belts can sometimes rub uncomfortably on the shoulders, neck and face, but the Seat Belt Extender Pros Metal Seat Belt Locking Clip easily adjusts the belt away from these areas without compromising safety.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION- Once buckled in, guide both shoulder and lap belts through the Locking Clip slots (instructions included) and slide across to adjust the shoulder belt to a better position. The clip should stay in place when installed correctly.
  • COMPACT & SMART DESIGN - At 3 inches by 1.5 inches, the Seat Belt Metal Locking Clip is portable and easy to store when not in use. The edges are rounded for comfort when handling, and it is coated with an anti-rust compound to keep it looking new.
  • TOP QUALITY MATERIALS - The Seat Belt Extender Pros Seat Belt Locking Clip is made of sturdy stainless steel and will not bend with use. The Metal Locking Clip holds up to regular usage with minimal wear and is a great value for increased comfort.
  • THE BRAND TO TRUST - Seat Belt Extender Pros is the world's leading brand for automotive safety belt extensions and related products, and you can trust them to deliver the highest quality safety and service available.

Free Your neck with the Frankie! Seat belt hurting and irritating you while driving or riding in the car? Can't buckle up safely due to the pain and irritation? The Frankie Clip may be just the solution for you! Simple and fast! \- Great for larger and shorter people \- Adjustable \- Eliminates discomfort in the neck, face and shoulder area from the seat belt \- Metal does not break like flimsy plastic adjusters \- Edges are smooth to keep you comfortable Instructions for use come with your order! Color: silver Material: metal Amount: 1 pc. Disclaimer and warning: Read instructions and warnings that come with your package. Do not place clip on seat belt in a way that changes how the buckled seat belt falls on and protects your body. View Details

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