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Dorman 924-784 Automatic Coding Ignition Lock Cylinder

  • KEEP YOUR KEYS: By automatically coding the cylinder to the vehicle owner's existing keys, this innovative solution allows the owner to keep their keys.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: By eliminating the work needed to fully disassemble and manually code the cylinder, this makes repairing and replacing an ignition lock easy enough that anyone can do it.
  • SAVES TIME: Typically, replacing an ignition lock cylinder requires a tedious, manual coding process. Dorman solved that problem by creating a tool that automatically matches the new cylinder to your existing key. Simply insert the key into the tool, turn twice, and then insert the newly coded cylinder into the ignition lock cylinder housing.
  • PATENT-PENDING: This exclusive design revolutionizes the process of replacing and recoding an ignition lock cylinder.
  • Original Equipment (OE) Number: 5003843AA, 5003843AB, 5083915AB

Dorman Ignition Lock Cylinders are part of the ignition lock assembly. The purpose of the ignition lock cylinder is to provide a level of security that requires a coded metal ignition key for the vehicle ignition switch to be energized, thereby allowing the vehicle to be started and run. Dorman's OE FIX ignition lock cylinder calibrates to the original ignition key, eliminating the need to disassemble the cylinder for recoding. View Details

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