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MASSFX MS 145/70-6 Tire With Side Bite Tread 6 Ply Go-Kart, Mini Bike, ATV, Lawn Tire 145x70-6 145x70x6 Side Bite Tread

  • Dual Compound 6 ply for a more puncture resistant casing.
  • Tread Designed to Roll Easily While Retaining Grip.
  • Tubeless design But can be used with or without tubes.
  • Built to withstand a rugged environment.
  • QUANTITY: 1 x (145/70-6) MASSFX GO-KART TIRE

The new MASSFX line of Go-Kart tires are designed for anyone form a novice rider, all the way to the guy who thinks he's Dale Earnhardt at the local race track. They come with a Max Load of 185 Lbs at 7 psi, which leaves plenty of room for all those trophies you'll be hauling back after a weekend at the races. Their 6 Ply Toughness Rating means you can beat 'em up on the race track or around the house and they'll keep on going. The MO tread design is perfect for taking hard turns on the dirt track or doing donuts to impress that girl down the street. A Go Kart isn't complete without a set of MASSFX tires below it. These tires can also be used for mini bikes and smaller ATVs. QUANTITY: 1 x (145/70-6) MASSFX GO-KART TIRE View Details

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