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New MASSFX Single Tire Rear 26x11-12 MS ATV 6 PLY 26" 26x11x12

  • 1/2" tread Depth
  • Authorized seller with full MassFx factory backed warranty
  • Lug design provides better braking control
  • 6 ply rated quad/side-by-side utility tire
  • Special focus on the sidewall for unmatched puncture resistance and increased durability

This is a 26" upgrade from your currant 25'', (fits a 12" tall rim") 26X11-12 MassFx ATV TIRES Rear 26-11-12 ATV (fits a 12" tall rim") MassFx ATV TIRES Item Description *Durable 6-ply bias construction *Unparalleled technology for superior weight to performance ratio *Lug design provides better braking control *Dynamic tread patter provides exceptional acceleration and traction *Versatile tread patterns perform well in soft to hard pack conditions. View Details

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