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Wadoy 13X5.00-6 Inner Tube Replacement Tire Tube 13X4.00-6,4.10 3.50-6,145/70-6,3.50/4.00-6 with Tr13 Straight Valve Stem

  • 〖Butyl Rubbe, Explosion proof〗Replacement Inner Tubes Are Made From Premium, 100% Natural Butyl, BPA free Rubbers.The thick butyl rubber can absorb shocks on bumpy road, It also comes with explosion proof function that ts safe to use for all seasons.
  • 〖Compatible with〗This inner tube universal fits following tire sizes: 13x4.00-6, 4.10/3.50-6, 4.10-6, 3.50-6, 13x5.00-6, 145/70-6 of hand trucks, lawn mowers, yard trailers, and wheelbarrows
  • 〖TR13 Straight Valve Stem〗This inner tube is Combined with tr13 valve core, TR13 valves point inwards toward the axle, so tend not to be damaged when in use. please remind the specification before buying it.
  • 〖Packaging Including〗Two pack replacement inner tubes
  • 〖Quality Guaranty〗Any unsatisfied about the products can contact us to refund, our top priority is provide customer worry-free shopping.

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