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Brand New 16" x 6.5" Replacemen?t Wheel for Toyota 2007-2009 Rim 69544

  • JWL/VIA Certifed Product
  • ISO 9001 Certifed Product
  • Replication
  • Silver

One Brand New aftermarket 16" x 6.5" Silver Alloy wheel for a Toyota. These wheels are JWL & ISO 9001 certified factory replications that not only match the cosmetic appearance of the original wheel, but the structural integrity as well. These wheels are tested to meet the same standards as the original wheel made for Toyota in three major structural tests that are required by JWL & SAE; a lateral fatigue test, a radial fatigue test and an impact test. On top of that, they are salt tested to insure that the finish stands up to some of the harshest winter conditions. View Details

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