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Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit Best for Car Bike Motorcycle Trailer RV ATV Jeep Truck Tractor with Quality Tire Pressure Gauge, Gloves - Flat Tire Plug Tubeless Kit - Emergency Puncture Repair Patch Kit

  • 🛠 QUICK TIRE REPAIR - Emergency kit included easy-to-follow instructions make it easy to repair punctures in any tubeless tire in minutes
  • 🛠 UPGRADED STRINGS - Heavy Duty BROWN strings you can trust. MUCH STRONGER and repair much better than the BLACK strings found in other Tire Plug kits. Every aspect of the AllTools Tire Repair Kit is engineered to be strong so that it will be the last kit you ever have to buy
  • 🛠 GREAT BONUSES - We added on tire plug kit are mechanical Tire Pressure Gauge, GLOVES, replacement valve cores, 4-way tool and plastic caps
  • 🛠 VERSATILE - Ideal for repair tubeless tires of Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Trucks, and Jeeps. Only for tubeless tires
  • 🛠 COMFORTABLE & SIMPLE - The kit comes in a compact storage case, which does not occupy much space. It is really easy to use fix a flat, just read the instructions at least once

**Alltools tire repair kit** is a compact and convenient set that has everything you need to repair tubeless tires on your own. Follow clear instructions, and you will do all the work very quickly. The tools in this seal Kit are made of durable and high-quality materials, and will serve you for a long time. **Emergency Kit Features** **BONUS** : In addition to the repair kit, we provide the **high-quality mechanical Pressure gauge!** **● Pliers.** In order to remove the nails you will definitely need some good and strong pliers. **● Compact size.** This kit is small in size, and at the same time it has all the necessary tools to repair tubeless tires with your own hands. **● Easy to use.** Detailed instructions are included in this tire repair kit. **INSTRUCTIONS:** 1\. Find the hole. You can use saliva to determine how big it is. 2\. Pull out the object from the hole. The most important part: 3\. Use the spiral rasp tool to clean the hole, making it easier to use the insert tool. 4\. Now you must already have a tire plug fitted in the insert tool. Push it into the hole deep enough, then turn the tool and pull it out fast with one quick motion. 5\. Check if the job is done - test whether air is coming out or not. If everything is OK, cut off the excess plug. 6\. Everything is ready. **Tire plug kit contents** ● Reliable, high-quality pliers. ● High-quality tire pressure gauge. ● Knife. ● Spare caps (4pcs). ● Replacement valve cores (4pcs). ● T-handle insert tool. ● T-handle spiral probe tool. ● Tool for twisting the valve core. ● Detailed and clear instructions. ● Repair plugs of different sizes: 5pcs 4x0.18" strings, 5pcs 4x0.16" strings, 10pcs 4x0.14" strings. View Details

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