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Manfiter Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator Deflator Digital with 235 PSI Compressor Accessories Heavy Duty Brass Air Chuck Valve Set & Hose Quick Connect Coupler for 0.1 Accuracy, Backlit Lighting

  • DIGITAL ACCURACY: Accurately check a range from 0-235 PSI ( 0 - 16.2 Bar; 0-1620 KPa; 0-16.52 kg/cm²) and calibrate and check the tire pressure within 1% range 0.1 display resolution. Digital display used to tire pressure gauge to solving problems about reset the tire pressure gauge to zero by itself.
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Digital tire inflator with chuck, gauge, hose, and bleed valve, all in one unit; Compatible with ¼" NPT air compressors output. 4 different units for free switch: PSI, KPA, Bar, and Kg/cm²,
  • BRASS PARTS & STAINLESS STEEL: Heavy duty stainless steel and brass can prevent rust; suitable for all vehicles, such as car, suv, truck, motorcycle, bicycle (with schrader valve) etc.
  • INCREASED SAFETY: Properly inflated tires provide better performance in all weather conditions, decreasing the possible of flats, Tire Burst, and crashes; Increase your MPG and reduce fuel costs and tire wear
  • AUTO OFF& BACKLIT : Auto off after 30 seconds of inactivity.The LED backlit light behind the compass would also be auto off. Backlit light makes visibility at night clear and convenient.

Packing size: 24.6*9.4*8.4cm(9.68''*3.70*3.30''') Total length is 50cm(19.68'''), the dial diameter is 6.5cm(2.55''), the thickness is 3cm(1.18''), the gourd mouth is 6cm the valve stem is 10.5cm(4.13'') long. Battery parameters: 2 AAA batteries (25g, 1.5V, 1.275 wh) Lighting function digital tire pressure gun: With lighting, plus a small spotlight (rear), new market features Standard digital display, four UINIT choose (Mpa, Kg/cm2, Kpa, Psi) Resolution 0.1PSI (better than most markets) Allow measurement error = product accuracy * product range (within 2 PSI) Package content: Intake ferrule: 1/4" US standard (can be replaced with other specifications in the market), hoist chuck, 2*O'shape ring, 1* sealed raw material belt, valve extension rod metal valve cap, 2* AAA battery, English manual, Box connector View Details

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