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Griffin Offroad Tire Deflator Kit with 80 psi gauge, 4 valve Caps, Tire Tread Depth Gauge | Automatic, Adjustable Deflator Tool Kit for Cars, Suvs, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs , 4x4, Offroading Tools

  • FAST & EASY : Accurately lock in your desire psi settings and use it over and over again without having you manually do it every time.
  • HEAVY DUTY: High grade metal used to ensure products to last long. Rubber inserts inside the deflators making its easier to grip and seal off air.
  • SCREW ON & WALKAWAY : Set your settings once and screw on. Come back and your tires have been deflated to your desired settings.
  • MORE IS BETTER: Included are extra Valve Caps and Tire Tread Depth Gauge. While you are deflating your tires, you can check your tire tread and replace any valve caps that is lost.
  • DELUXE TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE: Deflate air easily and accurately. No batteries required. Release air with a push of a button.

Deflate your tires in minutes. Deflator Kit is build and created with the consumer in mind. Our small and portable kit includes 4 tire deflators, 4 valve caps, tire tread gauge, and tire pressure gauge. Don't go offroading without the proper tools. Always be prepared with this simple and high quality kit. View Details

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