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Tire Deflator Pressure Gauge,Rapid Heavy Duty Tyre Air Deflators 4WD Gauge Kit Valve Tool for Auto, Motorcycle and Bicycle - 60 PSI

  • Shipping: Ship within US. Usually takes about 4-7 days.
  • Fully geared, solid brass precision movement Protective rubber gauge guard.
  • Easy to read dial with one PSI increments thoroughly designed and tested to ensure accuracy.
  • Bronze Bourdon Tube gauge design ensures accuracy is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude.
  • Notes: For accuracy, check pressure when tires are cold. Pressure increases with heat. Tires can lose one round per month under normal conditions. Proper tire pressure improves gas mileage, handling,braking and durability. To avoid the possibility of eye injury,eye protection must be worn when using this gauge. Do not exceed maximum pressure on gauge. Dropping or severe jarring may impair accuracy of gauge.

**Specification:** One Year Commercial Warranty Pressure Range: 0-70psi Dial gauge diameter: about 6cm Heavy duty rubber hose length: about 30cm High pressure air pump nozzle diameter: about 9mm High pressure air pump nozzle inner diameter: about 7mm Including air-bleed switch, press this switch to adjust to normal air pressure when the tyre pressure is too high. Self locking head, easy to connect Including shockproof rubber sleeve **Usage instruction:** Determine the proper pressure for your tires by checking the owner's manual or driver's side doorjamb placard. Check tire pressure before driving when tires are cold. Press check onto the tire stem. The air pressure of your tire will be displayed. **Package includes:** 1 X Type Pressure Deflator Gauge 1 X 4 Way 1 Valva Tool 4 X Valva Cap 1 X Operating Instruction View Details

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