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GoNorte Adjustable Tire Deflators - Heavy Duty Solid Brass (Set of 4)

  • Heavy Duty Solid Brass Adjustable Tire Deflators with rust free springs and inner components
  • Air down all 4 tires simultaneously to a preset pressure between 6-30PSI
  • Please Note: Initial setup requires a standard tire pressure gauge (see instructions in product details)
  • Tested and proven in a variety of off road conditions.
  • Convenient leather carry case. Fits standard tire valve size.

GoNorte Adjustable Brass Tire Deflators are heavy duty 100% brass and built with rust free inner springs and components. These tire deflators are used to reliably air down all 4 of your tires to a preset PSI quickly. Before your adventure setup your deflators using a standard tire pressure gauge. Then when you are ready to air down simply screw the deflators onto each tire valve to automatically deflate all tires to your preset pressure. Once you have set your desired PSI on these deflators you will not have to set them again, unless you wish to change the pressure setting. Store these deflators in your vehicle and always know that you can quickly air down to a set PSI. GoNorte Tire Deflators will not let you down. They have been tested in a variety of conditions, temperatures, environments. **Setup Instructions:** * In order to set up your deflators you need to set one tire to your desired PSI. * Using a standard tire pressure gauge deflate a spare tire or a single tire down to your desired pressure. * Then begin setting up each deflator by winding the lock ring and adjusting cap all the way down (clockwise). * Screw the deflator onto your preset tire's valve. * Loosen adjusting cap (counter-clockwise) until air is released, then immediatly tighten back to position where air stops releasing. * Turn lock ring up to adjusting cap and tighten. * Deflator is now set to desired pressure. Repeat with the other 3 deflators. * Store these deflators in your vehicle and quickly air down to your preset PSI whenever you are ready to off road. ** Includes:** * 4 brass adjustable tire deflators * Leather carrying case * Note that initial setup requires using any standard tire pressure gauge which is not included View Details

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