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OFFROAD BOAR Tire Deflator Gauge Kit Tire Pressure Gauge Valve Tire Depth Gauge 4WD

  • No tools required, just screw on & off by hand
  • Adjust tyre pressure from 6-30psi, in 3psi increments
  • 100% solid brass make to prevent rust or corrosion
  • Can be used on any standard Schrader tyre valve stem
  • Air immediately releases from tyre once screwed on, stopping at present pressure level

**Suitable for: trucks, motorcycles,most tires of bike,automobiles and any passenger vehicles.** **IN THE BOX** 1 PC Type Pressure Deflator Gauge 1 PC Tire Pattern Depth Gauge 1 PC 4 Way 1 Valve Tool 4 PCS Valve Cap 4 PCS Brass Air Deflators PSI Tyre Valve Core Tool Pressure **Automatic Tire Deflators Universal Adjustable(4 Pack)** ☞A great tool for time saver Engineered to high standards Assured high quality and dependability Tested under extreme conditions 6 - 30 PSI pressure range Easily disassembled to clean out sand or dirt **Instructions:** Fully inflated tires are great for the road and gas mileage, but they deliver a washboard ride on the trail. Air down your tires for a softer ride and more tread grip. Once you find your desired setting you can lock the deflators where they bleed to the same tire pressure each and every time they are installed. So, you can deflate your tires quickly and accurately every time you head out on the trail. **Tyre Pressure Deflator Gauge(High-precision instrument)** Pressure Range : 0-70 psi Dial gauge diameter: about 6 cm High pressure air pump nozzle inner diameter: about 7 mm **Usage instruction:** Determine the proper pressure for your tires by checking the owner's manual or driver's side doorjamb placard. Check tire pressure before driving when tires are cold. Press check onto the tire stem. The air pressure of your tire will be displayed. **Notes:** For accuracy, check pressure when tires are cold. Pressure increases with heat. Tires can lose one pound per month under normal conditions. Proper tire pressure improves gas mileage, handling,braking and durability. To avoid the possibility of eye injury,eye protection must be worn when using this gauge. Do not exceed maximum pressure on gauge. Dropping or severe jarring may impair accuracy of gauge. View Details

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