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TireJect On-Road Automotive Tire Sealant Single Tire Repair Kit for Bead Leaks and Punctures (Full-Size Truck, SUV)

  • On-Road Tire Sealant Formula - Highest rated Tire Sealant on the market
  • Seal bead leaks and tread punctures up to 1/4"
  • Emergency road side tire repair
  • Permanent seal with liquid rubber
  • 100% safe for tire and rim and TPMS sensor

**This kit is for On-Road Vehicles: Car, Truck(Mid or Full-size), SUV, Crossover** **Dosage: 2 x Automotive pouches are needed for Full-size Trucks or SUVs **On-Road Automotive Tire Sealant** * TPMS Safe - The TireJect Automotive formula has been designed and tested to work with TPMS sensors. * Will not clog the valve stem and will not damage the electronics. * More information about our TPMS safe formula and testing is available in our FAQ **TireJect is 100% safe for your tire, rim and valve stem** * No harsh chemicals * Non-hazardous, Non-corrosive, Non-toxic * Will not clog the valve stem * Compatible with TPMS sensors **What's Included in the kit?** * 2 x 4oz Automotive Tire Sealant * Dispensing cap for easy install * Metal valve core remover tool * 1 x TireJect valve stem cap View Details

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