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OFFROAD BOAR 52PCS Tire Plug Kit Set for Motorcycle, ATV, Jeep, Truck, Tractor Flat Tire Puncture Repair

  • Ideal for tubeless tires of Motorcycles, ATVs, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Trucks, Jeeps, Cars and Bikes
  • Comes with 30 string plugs,the strings are high quality and are made to plug the tire puncture without the use of glue
  • T-handle design provides greater turning power and comfort
  • This kit is designed to work with any tubeless tire
  • Great for repairing punctures for tubeless tires without removing them from the rim.

**A COMPLETE KIT ** 1-pc long deflation valve 1-pc T-handle insert tool 1-pc T-handle spiral probe tool 1-pc insertion needle 1-pc jar of lubricant 1-pc 4-in-1 valve core tool 1-pc utility knife 1-pc red box 2-pc L hex key 4-pc black plastic valve caps 4-pc chrome hex valve caps 4-pc valve core 30-pc repair cords(black or brown) **Tire Repair Kit Features ** \- Strong & Durable: This kit is built to last. \- 52 Pieces: This kit has everything you need to make repairs easy and keep your tires working tough. **Our tools are heavy-duty and made tough so you can get the job done and get back on the road. If somehow you're strong enough to render one of our tools ineffective, our products are covered by a 1 year warranty and our customer service is second to none** View Details

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