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Black Magic 5072647 Tire Wet Gel, 16 oz.

  • Advanced silicone formula lasts longer and shines brighter for a wet, black, glossy look
  • Self-healing formula automatically fills in small scuffs to maintain shine
  • Weather and rinse-resistant formula lasts up to 8 weeks!
  • Thick clinging formula adheres to tires to produce minimal sling
  • Applicator sponge included

Black Magic Tire Wet Gel makes tires look wet, black, and glossy, utilizing an advanced silicone formula to last longer and shine brighter than other products on the market. This weather and rinse-resistant formula keeps your tires looking black and glossy for weeks, not days, providing long-lasting intensity. The self-healing formula also has a scuff defense, automatically filling in small scuffs and maintaining a smooth, black shine. The thick clinging formula adheres to tires to produce minimal sling, and the residue- free shine leaves behind no white powdery residue. Detailer's tips: For extreme wet, high-gloss shine: apply thick layer of product by dabbing product on tire. For high shine with lower-intensity wet look: dab a medium amount of product on tire, then use applicator sponge to spread out the product for a slightly thinner film. For long-lasting shine with minimal wet look: spread a thin layer of product across the tire with the applicator. View Details

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