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Black Magic Tire Wet Spray (32 oz.) Bundle with Microfiber Cloth (3 Items)

  • Bundle Consists of 3 Items
  • 2 - Black Magic 22320 Tire Wet Spray (32 oz.)
  • 1 - Peak PKCOFY-1 Large Microfiber Cloth (color may vary)

Bundle comes with 2 - Black Magic 22320 Tire Wet Spray (32 oz.) - Tires will have the ultimate long-lasting, wet, glossy black look. Deepest shine of any leading tire spray. Formulated to deliver a brilliant shine. Unique combination of polymers and high-molecular-weight silicones. Dries quickly and will leave no sling on your wheel wells. Easy to use. Plus comes with one large Peak microfiber cloth, a lightweight fabric, soft to the touch, will not streak, and is lint-free. Size: 12" x 16". Note: Color of towel may vary. View Details

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