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Eagle One PVD & Aluminum Wheel Cleaner (23 oz.) Bundle with Microfiber Cloth (3 Items)

  • Bundle Consists of 3 Items
  • 2 - Eagle One 824334 PVD & Aluminum Wheel Cleaner (23 oz.)
  • 1 - Peak PKCOFY-1 Large Microfiber Cloth (color may vary)

Bundle comes with 2 - Eagle One 824334 PVD & Aluminum Wheel Cleaner (23 oz.) - Ideal cleaner for both aluminum wheels and polished aluminum accessories. Rigorously tested and proven to be safe with new PVD wheels. Foaming action is gentle. pH-neutral formula removes dirt, grime and brake dust. Will not damage your wheel finish. Nothing cleans better. Coating and wheel manufacturer recommended cleaner specifically for PVD and aluminum wheels. Plus comes with one large Peak microfiber cloth, a lightweight fabric, soft to the touch, will not streak, and is lint-free. Great for polishing and buffing all paint surfaces. Size: 12" x 16". Note: Color of towel may vary. View Details

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