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Liquid X Wheel & Tire Bundle - Wheel Cleaner, V.R.P. Wheel Woolies & Applicator

  • REMOVE STUBBORN RESIDUE: Liquid X non-acidic Wheel Cleaner is tough on contaminated wheels, yet safe enough to use as a regular cleaner
  • WHEEL WOOLIES: This set of 3 Original Wheel Woolies brushes includes one 8" brush, one 12" caliper spoke brush, and one 18" brush
  • RESTORE TIRES & TRIM: Allow our VRP to soak into your tires, plastic trim or vinyl, and see how well this dressing restores the look of almost any surface. Pair with the Pro Grip applicator for easy application!
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED?: 16oz Wheel Cleaner, 16oz V.R.P., Pro Grip VRP Applicator, Wheel Woolies (set of 3 brushes)

The Liquid X Wheel & Tire Bundle will take your detail job to the next level. Don't skip your wheels when instead, you can now make them the star of the show! Liquid X Wheel Cleaner is gentle enough for all wheel finishes, yet still removes all of the grease and gunk from the road. On top of the incredibly effective cleaning power, it won't dry out your tires and leaves your rims sparkling like new. Our superior Wheel Cleaner paired with Original Wheel Woolies can take on any job of neglected wheels with caked on break dust, or consistent washes on delicate wheel finishes. Don't stop there though. Finish the job with VRP to make your tires shine like new again. It's even easier to apply with our Pro Grip Applicator. Liquid X VRP lasts longer than the competition and is a no-sling formula. What are you waiting for? Give your wheels the treatment they deserve! View Details

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