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Liquid X Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Combo

  • NON-CORROSIVE: Safe for virtually any wheel finish including powder coated, painted, chrome, custom, or anodized wheels
  • REMOVES STUBBORN BRAKE DUST: Created to lift dirt with revolutionary foaming action that penetrates through the heaviest brake dust
  • NON-ACIDIC CLEANER: Tough on contaminated wheels, yet safe enough to use as a regular cleaner
  • WHEEL WOOLIES: This set of 3 Original Wheel Woolies brushes includes one 8" brush, one 12" caliper spoke brush, and one 18" brush
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED?: 16oz Wheel Cleaner, 1 Gal Wheel Cleaner, Wheel Woolies (Set of 3)

Liquid X Wheel Cleaner will knock your socks off. Safe for all wheel finishes so you can feel confident using this on any car. It also won't cause your tires to dry or crack like other wheel cleaners on the market. This is the best cleaner you will find without the harsh chemicals that can damage your rims. Use with included Original Wheel Woolies for the ultimate wheel detail! Wheel Woolies are made with synthetic wool to ensure no damage will come to your custom or factory wheels. There is no better combination on the market than this dynamic duo. View Details

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