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TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner CONCENTRATE 128 oz.

  • Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner safely removes polymers, silicones, waxes, grease and previously applied dressings to leave your tires with a clean and natural looking appearance.
  • Concentrated formula dilutes 1:1 with water
  • 128 oz

Dilute 1 part cleaner with 1 part water to create a powerful, safe tire cleaner. Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner CONCENTRATE is a cost-effective tire cleaner for professional detailers and car care enthusiasts. If your vehicle is the victim of inexpensive, dealership-applied tire dressings you should remove them as soon as possible before they cause your tires to turn brown. Inexpensive tire dressings are formulated using harsh silicones that deplete tires' natural antiozonants that are designed to protect your tires from UV rays. Removing previously applied dressings and applying a quality tire care product, like Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat, is cheap insurance for keeping your tires looking as good as the rest of your vehicle. 128 oz View Details

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