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5 Amp 12V Automotive Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer for Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower, Boat, RV, SUV, ATV and More

  • 5 amp battery charger maintains and charges all type of AGM, GEL, SLA, Flooded(WET), Calcium type deep cycle automotive or marine 4Ah-100Ah 12V battery.
  • Fully automatic high frequency charging delivers 3 stage charging, automatically switching from fast charge, to top-off, then to trickle charge.
  • Built in circuit protection guards against against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating.
  • LCD screen displays charging status and battery status; charge voltage, charge current, inside temperature, battery full,summer mode, winter mode, etc.
  • Pulse repair function can help to repair your loss battery and extend battery life. Note: It can not activate a dead battery or repair a battery which is damaged seriously; it also can not repair a battery back to 100% new.

This 5 amp automatic battery charger needs to be plugged into wall outlet. Work with 12 volt 4-100 ah batteries, keeps batteries warm even under cold temperatures. Widely used on automobiles, boats, tractors, golf carts, and other equipment. **Note: Please read the user manual before using; Only indoor use; Turn off the power source before connecting or disconnecting to the battery.** **Specifications** Battery Type: Fit all type of 12V AGM, GEL, Flooded(Wet), Calcium type deep cycle, VRLA maintenance free lead acid batteries Battery Capacity: 4Ah - 100Ah Charge Current: 5 Amp Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 75W Input Current: 0.5A(RMS)@230VAC Charge Voltage: Summer Mode: 14.4V; Normal Mode: 14.7V; Winter Mode: 15.5V Operate Temperature: -20℃ to +45℃(-4℉ to 113℉) Cooling: Fan Size: 150*85*60mm(0.6*0.34*0.24in) Weight: 380g(0.84lb) **How to Use** 1\. Check your battery parameters is compatible to the charger (at the back of the charger). 2\. Connect the red clamp to the positive pole(+), black clamp to the negative pole. 3\. The LCD display will show battery voltage, charge current and inside temperature (Temperature is for reference only, allowed tolerance). 4\. Wrong battery connection: "EI-I-" will displayed on screen , the indicating lamp will flash. 5\. Connect the charger with AC power source, the charger will start to operate (the Charge-lamp will start to flash in red). 6\. Once the battery is fully charged, the battery bar on screen will in "FUL" status, meanwhile, the charge indicating lamp will keeps on. Keep the charged status in 1-2 hours is highly recommended. 7\. Charging completed, remove the charger. **Remark: for 4Ah-15Ah battery, we suggest use "Repair" mode, because the battery size is too small, use pulse charge is very good for small size battery.** **Package Includes** 1 x Car Battery Charger 1 x User Manual View Details

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