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Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger,SLA AGM GEL VRLA Battery Charger with Fuel Gauge,MCU Control,With Recovery Function Charger For Scooter(UL listed Charger) (12V 3.3A Lead Acid Charger)

  • For 12V lead acid /SLA/AGM/GEL/VRLA Battery Use Only, capacity from 6-20AH,if your battery is bigger you can choose our charger 4.5A with ASIN:B076QDFGL7
  • Smart Charger with MCU control, recovery function, can repair the old battery, desulfurating the battery through 18V Pulse
  • Programmed four auto Stage (Ud-Im-Uo-Up)charging process, ensure battery is fully charged safely
  • Display the charging process by the LED fuel gauge from 25% to 100% Timely, very helpful for user
  • UL listed charger, have short circuit, reverse protection in case wrong use.

**Specification** Input voltage: 100-240VAC,50-60Hz Input current: 1.1A Charge Voltage: Rating 12V,Bulk limited voltage 14.7V Ripple Current:Current-ripple < =0.13A rms Bulk Charge current: 3.3A Cooling: Natural convection, do not cover the charger Charge Principle:Auto 4 stage : Ud-I-Uo-Up Battery Type: All kinds of lead acid battery (SLA,GEL,AGM..) Battery Capacity: 6-80Ah Size: 120x67x41mm Weight: 270g This is a smart professional battery charger for all kinds of lead acid battery like SLA/GEL/AGM/VRLA and so on, simply connect the Alligator clip to battery positive (red) and negative (Black) is ok View Details

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