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DieHard 71239 6/12V Platinum Smart Battery Charger and 3A Maintainer

  • Intelligent charge technology, multi-stage 6/12V 3A charging for added precision, safety and battery life
  • Automatically senses voltage 6V or 12V allowing use for multiple batteries
  • Features battery maintaining to prevent overcharging
  • Versatile quick-connect harness with 50A clamps, 12V accessory plug or permanent ring connectors
  • Digital scrolling messaging prompts make the charging and maintaining process effortless

Charge your car battery with the DieHard 71239 6/12V 3A Platinum Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer. Intelligent charge technology, microprocessor controlled, multi-stage charging adds precision, safety, and battery life. This unit features digital scrolling messaging and auto voltage detection. The auto maintaining feature prevents overcharging. 50A clamps, 12V accessory plug, and permanent ring connectors are included. View Details

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