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6V / 12V Auto-Switching Smart Battery Charger w Float Voltage - 3 Stage Trickle Charger for SLA Batteries, Wildgame Feeders & More! by KeyLine Chargers

  • SMART CHARGING: Other battery chargers claim to provide "smart" charging, but only KeyLine Chargers Auto-Switching SLA Battery Charger features this exclusive 3-Step Process: BULK CHARGE > ABSORPTION STATE > FLOATING VOLTAGE. This fully automatic trickle charger transitions through each mode with set & go technology to protect against overcharging. Other features include: Automatic switch 6V/12V setting, 500mAh power, ultra-bright LED status lamp, wall plug, 5.5 foot cord and auto shut-off.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The KeyLine 6V/12V Automatic Smart Charger was engineered with intelligent monitoring. There are no buttons to push, simply 1) Connect the alligator clips to the proper polarity terminals on your battery: red (+), black (-), 2) Connect the charger to the AC outlet and you're charging! It's THAT EASY!
  • YOUR IDEAL CHARGER: The KeyLine Chargers Auto-Switching SLA Smart Battery Charger is your ideal charging companion! Use it for automatic wildgame feeders, fish finders, portable lanterns, wheelchairs, security vehicles and any other rechargeable 6 volt and 12 volt SLA battery. Designed with the proper voltage trickle so it won't hurt a battery.
  • SAFE CHARGING: The KeyLine Chargers Auto-Switching SLA Smart Battery Charger is the best automatic smart charger on the market! Each charger is made with the highest-quality components that meet nationally recognized standards for safety even in dusty, and unexpected wet weather conditions. Other safety features include: Over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and battery polarity error protection and smart battery float voltage.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Every KeyLine Chargers Auto-Switching SLA Smart Battery Charger comes with a full 1-YEAR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY. Unlike our competition, who knows that their chargers fail in 30 days or so...

**Stop overcharging your batteries!** The KeyLine Auto-Switching SLA Smart Battery Charger is the ONLY charger on the market featuring this 3-stage process so that you can easily charge your batteries without damaging them. **EXCLUSIVE KEYLINE CHARGERS 3-STAGE CHARGING PROCESS** **STAGE 1:** Charges your battery with 0.5 (+/-) .05 A > **STAGE 2:** Sends voltage currents of 7.2-7.5V & 14.3-14.7V > **STAGE 3:** Maintains battery power with floating voltage of 6.7-6.9V & 13.5-13.8V to eliminate the risk of overcharging. The KeyLine universal sealed lead acid battery charger is ideal for so many battery charging applications we cannot even list them all! **Here are just a few:** * Wildgame Innovations * Automatic Game / Deer Feeders * Fish Finders * Remote Cameras * Portable Lanterns * Spotlights * Solar * Flashlights * Wheelchairs * Ride-On Toys * And many more applications for any small to medium sized, tabbed (T1) or terminal batteries (F1, F2 etc.) **The KeyLine Auto-Switching SLA Battery Charger is easy to use!** 1. Plug the wall charger into the power source. 2. Connect the alligator clips to the battery. RED is positive (+) and BLACK is a negative (-) lead. 3. The red light on the KeyLine SLA Charger will illuminate to indicate the 3-stage charging process has started. 4. The green light will come on when your battery is fully charged. **NOTE:** Although this is a smart charger, we recommend that you do NOT leave it unattended indefinitely. This may cause damage to your battery. by  **KeyLine Chargers** View Details

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