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HUMZOR OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth 4.2 Enhanced OBDII Car Diagnostic Scan Tool for Check Engine Light Professional Auto Code Reader for iOS and Android

  • 【Enhanced Bluetooth 4.2 obd2 scanner】 HUMZOR Bluetooth car diagnostic scanner enables you to check all of engine fault causes, turn off check engine light; locate bad O2 sensor; reset monitor; read enhanced data; manage, stored and print the diagnostic data by custom; monitor battery status etc. It is a professional car code reader helps to quickly figure out the problems, make car repair become easier.
  • 【Turn off check engine light】 read and clear pending, stored and permanent error codes in engine system, and this code reader will tell you code definition and possible causes, efficiently find out why the check engine light comes on, and reminds you the seriousness and consequences of the problems, keep your car at a health status.
  • 【Powerful full OBDII functions】 HUMZOR car scanner allows to read and clear engine codes, read live data, retrieve freeze frame data, helps to pass smog check, O2 sensor test, Advanced On-board Monitoring (Mode 6), built-in over 1,2000 DTC look-up library etc. Customized live data comparison in both graph and text forms, support merging 2 data value with different color in one graph to see how they affect each other.
  • 【Best stability with self-designed APP】 the HUMZOR car diagnostic tool is compatible with iOS and Android device,the NEXZSCAN APP can be downloaded from APP store or Google Play. The Newest UI interface design makes it run very smoothly, and distinctive features in the APP are very easy to understand and operate, the diagnostic method with phone will give you an enjoyable and professional car diagnosis.
  • 【Car owner and family Necessity】 this vehicle code reader has extensive compatibility with the cars made after 1996 that support obd2 protocols: KWP15765-4, ISO9141-2, SAEJ1850-VPW, SAEJ1850 PWM. It is functional Bluetooth car health monitor to diagnostic your and your families' cars, and provide a safe driving environment. Non-risk purchasing with 2-year 100% refund and return warranty.

NEXZSCAN obd2 scanner is a new launched professional and enhanced Bluetooth 4.2 car diagnostic tool that can retrieve a wealth of information from the Engine Control Unit (ECU), it allows DIY mechanics or car owners to find out problems accurately and fix it when the check engine light comes on. It has extensive compatibility and works on most vehicles sold in the USA from the year of 1996 which support OBDII protocols. Featuring full 10 modes OBDII functions for engine system and emission related codes, and shows code definition and possible causes of problems, makes your job become efficient. Diagnose the cars through Phone APP is easier to operate and manage the diagnostic report, even a beginner can do a professional diagnosis. View Details

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