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Grip Clean | Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner - Dirt Infused & All Natural Industrial Strength Soap (1/2 gal)

  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY + DIRT INFUSED HAND CLEANER for auto mechanics, fabricators, construction workers, farmers, welders, gardeners, or simply anyone who gets dirty and needs to get clean. Can be used as a waterless hand cleaner but works even better with water.
  • 🌱 NO CHEMICALS/SOLVENTS/DETERGENTS instead we use the power of DIRT. Cosmetic grade Bentonite clay exfoliates skin and swells, absorbing + removing grease, oil, diesel, ink, lead, gasoline, stains, and toxins. COCONUT oil and OLIVE oil soap is a great degreaser + suds and actually HEALS dry & cracked skin.
  • 🌋 ALL NATURAL PUMICE soap for hands, arms, or body if needed. We use finer/smaller grit particles than competing orange or walnut abrasive soaps. Smaller & lighter particles rinse easier down the drain making it the ultimate shop soap or mechanic hand cleaner. Featured on ABC's Shark Tank.
  • 💥 2X MORE CONCENTRATED than any other liquid soap including Gojo orange hand cleaner, Fast Orange, ZEP TKO, Walnut Scrub, Cherry Bomb, Tough nut, Magic Jack, Snap-on, Matco, Cornwell, Stoko, Lava, Mean Green, Kresto, Worx, Beaver Nuts, Boraxo, Joes, Goop, Simple Green, and more... Rated for 500+ washes.
  • 🇱🇷 ONLY THE BEST ingredients are used in our soap yielding the best results. A lot of products out there can clean your hands, but NONE will make your hands FEEL the way Grip Clean does after you wash. Your wife will thank us later.

So why would you buy Grip Clean heavy duty hand soap over any other soap you like or have tried? Grip Clean hand soap is an all-natural formula made with no petroleum chemicals or solvents. What we DO use is COCONUT oil and OLIVE oil so it assured to not dry or crack your skin. No matter how many times you wash your hands, legs, arms, or even face. But our biggest claim to fame is we are the DIRT infused soap. The reason we use dirt is because it is actually the best substance in the world at absorbing chemicals, oil, grease and toxins. On top of that it can exfoliate your skin, latching onto grease that would normally remain, and rinsing clean. Grip Clean is the industrial product you've been looking for that will remove the deeply imbedded grease in your finger tips. It also helps to heal cracked, irritated, and dry hands. This is the world's best pumice hand cleaner that you will ever use to remove grease, oil, gasoline, diesel, and more.. And we are so confident about this that we offer a 100% Clean Hands Guaranty. Yes, it's that good. View Details

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