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ConquerRust! Safe, Powerful, Effective Rust Remover Similar to Evapo-Rust 1-Gallon Dry Concentrate Formula (1-Gallon)

  • Safe, Powerful, and Effective Rust Removal
  • Dry Concentrate Form -- You provide the water!
  • Similar pH to Apple Juice!
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable
  • Why Pay More for Water?

ConquerRustTM is one of the fastest growing and most affordable breakthroughs in the safe and effective removal of rust. This rust remover is scientifically formulated to eliminate rust without harmful fumes or foul odors. It is safe to use and offers mechanics, hobbyists, farmers, and do-it-yourselfers a cost- effective method of removing rust from tools, auto and tractor parts, farm equipment, bicycle parts, etc. Mix ConquerRustTM dry concentrate with the specified amount of warm water and fully submerge your rusted metal parts. ConquerRustTM will remove iron oxide (rust) from ferrous-based substrates in 30 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the degree and age of the rust. Periodically check your item during this time to monitor its progress. What is the science behind ConquerRustTM? When mixed with water, ConquerRustTM creates a powerful chelating agent that specifically attacks iron oxide (rust), and leaves the steel parts undamaged. The iron will drop to the bottom of your container, leaving clean steel. ConquerRustTM will remove any zinc phosphate coatings, bluing, and any other oxide finishes. You can continue using ConquerRustTM over and over again, until the solution turns completely black and loses its effectiveness. Disposal: ConquerRustTM is environmentally friendly, and can be poured down a drain connected to approved sewer or septic. Solution that contains a high iron content may stain driveways and should be disposed of responsibly. ConquerRustTM gives you the same performance as EvapoRust, WD-40 Rust Soak, and Metal Rescue . . . at a FRACTION of the cost!* The competitors are all WATER-based . . . why pay more for WATER? Order ConquerRustTM and we will send you the concentrate. You provide the water and start saving *ConquerRustTM is an independently manufactured product and is NOT produced, approved or endorsed by the companies that make Evapo-Rust, Metal Rescue or WD40 Rust remover View Details

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