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Rust Bandit Rust Inhibitor 32 oz

  • Rapidly coats and inhibits rust
  • Dries fast with clean, non-tacky feel
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-Flammable
  • Biodegradable

IMPROVED! DOUBLE THE POWER! Rust Bandit is a concentrated water based liquid compound that inhibits rust on all ferrous metals. It is designed for use on parts that are stored indoors. Protection is provided immediately upon exposure to Rust Bandit with no stress change in the metal. Rust Bandit is great for protecting parts after de-rusting with Evapo-Rust rust remover. It dries fast with a clean, non-tacky feel and will not damage any polymers, plastics, coatings, and most paints. Rust Bandit prevents rust up to 12 months, depending on dilution and has an indefinite shelf life prior to use. Rust Bandit is not based on amine or nitrates, but rather the most recent advancements in rust protection chemistry which combines sebacic acids and salts. View Details

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