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Rotella ELC Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrate 1 Gal.

  • Minimum coolant life of 600,000 miles with only one Shell Rotella ELC Extender addition at 300,000 miles
  • Improved water pump seal life due to low dissolved solid levels
  • Excellent pitting protection for wet sleeve cylinder liners
  • Excellent, long-term corrosion protection of all cooling system metals including aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, solder, and copper
  • No regular Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA's) required

The Shell ROTELLA® brand is excited to offer a complete product line of ELC and Fully Formulated engine coolants, designed to deliver: 1. Protection against overheating - Excellent heat transfer properties allow heat to transfer more effectively, protect against freeze and boil-over and help keep engines running cool 2. Corrosion protection - Corrosion inhibitor technology protects metals against all forms of corrosion 3. Maintenance savings - Technology helps extend coolant life and prolong the life of seals, hoses and other cooling system components - helping reduce overall maintenance costs ELCs are designed to go 600,000 on-highway miles (and beyond with proper monitoring) and provide overall reduction in cooling system maintenance. ELCs also offer complete cooling system component protection by helping to reduce water-pump failures, hard-water-scale deposits and silicate gel (the green goo you sometimes see). We understand consumers' challenges and have designed a product portfolio to help make maintenance needs easier. View Details

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