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Longruner Instruments Electronic Test Lead Kit Digital Multimeter Banana Plugs Accessory Kit Automotive Professional CAT III 1000V 15A

  • Practical: Great for all electrical and electronic applications. With Interchangeable probe tips, the Electronic Test Lead Kit will meet any connecting need for a wide range of multimeters, electronics, and vehicles.
  • Safety: Leads and test probes are CAT III 1000V, 15A. Included on both ends of both probes are shrouded banana plugs for safety and durability.This set is suitable for any meter with shrouded banana input jackets.
  • Durability:The User-Friendly PVC insulation ensures that all items in this kit are durable, two different kind probes can be replaced flexibly when testing equipment. Two different kind probes can be replaced flexibly.
  • Extra Probe Tips: The Kit offer extra 2pcs 2mm probe tips and 4pcs 0.3mm Special size tips which are interchangeable on the Probe and leads. Modular probe handles with sharp tips make it easier to get at small contact points on high-density boards.
  • Test leads (red, black) with safety shrouded, standard diameter banana plugs at both ends. Alligator clips with removable insulators can connect with 4mm banana plugs, maximum open width up to 10mm.

**Professional Test Lead Kit ideal for testing digital circuitry. Compatible with virtually any meter equipped with shrouded banana input jackets, this kit's interchangeable probe tips, alligator clips provide a connection method to meet most electronic testing needs. Rubber over-molded surfaces and finger- hugging curves give the user a comfortable, reliable grip.** **Specifications:** Extension Test Lead Length: 3 feet / 1 meter  Diameter: 18 AWG  Temperature: 80 degrees C  Rated Voltage/Current: CAT III 1000V/15A Connector: Banana Plug Male (Straight and 90 Degree)  Banana Plug Size: 4mm Standard Probe Tip: 2.0mm Special Probe Tip : 0.3mm Banana Plugs Material: ABS+PA, Oxygen-free copper wire **Package included:** 1 x Test Lead Kit 2 x Probe with standard tips (black, red) 2 x 2mm Standard Probes 4 x 0.3mm Special Tip Probes 2 x Alligator Clips with removable insulators View Details

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