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CURT 40097 Chrome ATV Tow Ball, Lawn Tractor Hitch Ball, 2,000 lbs., 2-Inch Diameter Trailer Ball with 5/8-Inch x 1-3/4-Inch Shank

  • VERSATILE TOWING. This trailer hitch ball is specifically designed to equip an ATV, UTV or lawn tractor for towing. It's perfect for hitching up a small utility trailer and towing through the woods or working in the yard.
  • HIGH-STRENGTH. This lawn tractor hitch ball / ATV tow ball is rated to tow up to 2,000 pounds gross trailer weight. It is constructed from hot-forged steel for dependable strength on your next project.
  • PRECISE FIT. This ATV, UTV or lawn tractor hitch ball has a 2-inch diameter to fit virtually any 2-inch coupler. The ball shank has a 5/8-inch diameter and measures 1-3/4 inches long, making it ideal for mounting on an ATV trailer ball tongue or lawn tractor trailer hitch.
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT. For long-lasting resistance to rain, dirt and rust while working on landscape or in the field, this ATV tow ball / lawn mower hitch ball is protected with a durable chrome-plated finish.
  • SECURE INSTALL. For reliable towing strength, this hitch ball comes with a zinc-plated hex nut and helical lock washer. It also has fine threads for an enhanced hold on the ATV hitch or lawn tractor hitch (90 lb.-ft. torque required).

The CURT ATV tow ball / lawn tractor hitch ball is the ideal solution for towing with your four wheeler, UTV or lawnmower. It is built with high- strength steel, covered in a durable finish, tested for tough jobs and engineered to offer an industry-standard fit. CURT ATV tow balls and lawn tractor hitch balls allow you to turn your all-terrain vehicle or tractor into a useful work machine. Each ball is constructed from hot-forged steel, giving it reliable strength for the trail or yardwork ahead. The hot-forged steel is then coated in a chrome-plated finish that maximizes resistance to the elements, whether you're facing rain, snow, sleet or mud. To ensure that this ATV tow ball / lawn tractor hitch ball can keep up with you and your hardworking vehicle, it is thoroughly tested to U.S. VESC V-5 specifications, promoting safe towing whatever your task may be. The ball is rated for up to 2,000 pounds gross trailer weight, making it an excellent choice for towing smaller utility trailers and landscape trailers, as well as gear haulers and even teardrop campers (capacity limited to lowest-rated towing component). For the easiest possible hookup, this ATV tow ball or lawn tractor hitch ball features industry-standard dimensions. The trailer ball itself has a diameter of 2", allowing it to fit virtually any 2" trailer coupler. The shank of the trailer ball has 5/8" diameter to fit a trailer ball tongue on the back of your four wheeler, UTV or lawn mower or a standard ball mount. The shank is 1-3/4" long and has fine threads for maximum holding strength. View Details

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