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STP Son of a Gun Protectant 300 ml

  • Multi-purpose marine and automotive uses: dashboards, vinyl and leather upholstery, door panels, rubber weather stripping and moldings.
  • Enhances tyres and rubber bumper guards, side moldings and plastic bumpers
  • Can be used to restore all vinyl trims on boats and helps keep convertible car and boat canopies looking new longer
  • Shines vinyl or finished leather boots and shoes, luggage, handbags and briefcases, golf clubs and leather sports equipment
  • Proudly made in the UK

Son of a Gun Protectant helps restore the lustre and shine of vinyl, leather, rubber, PVC, wood and plastics both on the interior and exterior of your car. Its multipurpose application is suitable for dashboards, tyres, plastic bumpers, side mouldings and even on household goods. The enhancing and restoring treatment also protects against the effects of weathering and leaves a beautiful, deep gloss shine. View Details

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