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Pawaca HGKJ-11-50ml Car Scratch Repair Liquid Polishing Wax,Car Coating Kit, Anti-Scratch Exterior Care Paint Sealant

  • Removes oxidation, swirl marks, scratches and water spots
  • Specialized abrasives restore surface clarity without scratching
  • Leaves like-new finish and add gloss in one step
  • Perfect to use before waxing
  • HGKJ-11 Scratch Repair Solution*1

**Features:** 1\. Repair car scratches 2\. Clean glass surface stubborn oil film **Instructions:** 1\. Pour the repair on the towel 2\. Apply force to the scratches until the scratches disappear or become shallower (the same applies to clean the glass surface stubborn oil film) Matters needing attention: 1. In the case of car paint primer, it can not be repaired, it must be touch up; 3\. When the scratch is serious, the polishing machine can be used with the repairing liquid to carry out deep polishing treatment to repair serious scratches and achieve the mirror effect; ****Package include:** ** HGKJ-11 Scratch Repair Solution*1 View Details

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