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Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO Premium Car Care Kit 9H High Gloss Paint Protection 30ML

  • ✔ NEW Formula with over 80% pure SiO2 content
  • ✔ NEW Upgraded micro suede applicator clothes
  • ✔ Nano Bond ceramic coating PRO kit provides your car with excellent protection from the environment
  • ✔ Super Hydrophobic
  • ✔ Easy to apply and will provide a great shine and slick surface

_Keep your car looking great with Nano Bond!_ Nano Bond PRO Ceramic Coating is our all NEW latest formula with even more strength and increased durability. Nano Bond Ceramic Coating Protects paint from scratches, chips, dust, acid rain, paint transfer, rust, fading, and water streaks. Nano Bond Ceramic Coating is also super hydrophobic and beads water and makes it run off with ease! **Specifications:** Hardness: 9H hardness Durability: 2-3 years Thickness: 30um Gloss: Excellent high gloss effect Heat Resistance: Up to 760 degrees Bottle size: 30ML As displayed in picture. **How to apply Nano Bond ceramic coating**. **1**. Wrap the cloth over coating sponge. **2**. Apply a line of coating down the length of the sponge. **3**. Spread the liquid on the car evenly **4**. After 1-2 mins use a towel to wipe and polish. **Package Includes: **1 x Nano Bond PRO Liquid Ceramic Coat, 1 x Sponge, 1 x Microfiber towel, 1 x micro suede applicator, 1 x gloves. View Details

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