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Heatshield Products 501000 HP Starter Shield 1/16" Thick x 7-1/4" Wide x 21-3/4" Long for Medium Size Starters

  • Rated for 1100 degree Fahrenheit continuous use, 2000 degree Fahrenheit intermittent
  • Prevents starter heat soak so you are not stranded
  • Easy installation, starter removal is not necessary

HP Starter Shields, pro-long your starter's life and improve its performance. The starter heat shields help prevent starter failure caused by overheating. Using a heat shield for the solenoid and starter can prevent the starter from having starter heat lock. Quality construction and design allow for easy installation. Simply wrap the heat shield cover around the starter and fasten with the hook and loop fasteners; starter removal is not necessary in most cases. Two different sizes are available; therefore, trimming is not necessary. The heavy-duty starter shield is recommended in situations where there is less than 1inch of air space between the starter heat shield and the heat source. Investing a little now can save you time and money in the future. View Details

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