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Hypertech 42002 Max Energy Power Programmer for 2003-2005 ford Diesel 6.0L F-Series/E-Series/Exc

  • 3-Stage power tuning; tow safe in all power levels up to maximum GCWR
  • Adjustable top speed limiter (not available on all vehicles)
  • Speedometer/odometer recalibration for non-stock tires and rear end gears (not available on all vehicles)
  • Reads and clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's)
  • Features easy plug and play design

The Max Energy power programmer offers three stages of Power Tuning for Diesels. Even the highest power level, Stage 3, maintains safe EGTs while towing the maximum weight specified by the vehicle's manufacturer. No other tuner offers this level of power for towing. Hypertech's low EGTs, proper transmission shifting, and superior tuning that doesn't require de-fueling, gives the Max Energy power programmer the performance advantage. View Details

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